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The month of Ramadan is regarded as the most blessed month in the Islamic calendar, within which Muslims earn, if not uncountable, but triples of rewards for numerous acts of worships. One of such is one of the pillars of Islam, charity. Youths in Action for the Development of Islam (YADI), as part of its tradition, has on Saturday 11th May, 2019 implemented their Annual Ramadan Charity Project (RCP Volume 5) at the Kabala School for the Blind, Katombo-II, Kinadugu District.

The Founder, who doubles as the Executive Director, Amadu Wurie Barrie in his donation speech stated that, YADI decided to support the school to show the impaired that they are not alone and that they are cared for, despite the distance between their school and the organisation. Mr. Barrie explained that the donated items include 15 bags of Rice, 8 gallons of Palm oil, 7 gallons of Groundnut oil, 5 bags of onions, 4 bags of Salt, 2 bags of sugar and 3 cartoons of Maggie.

The Principal of the School, Emmanuel Amidu Mansaray, thanked the guests, noting that YADI is the second Islamic organisation to have supported the blind school since its founding. He furthered that the reopening of the school has been delayed owing to food shortage, adding that the items donated are just so timely, that he cannot find words to express his joy. “I feel much more comfortable traveling to Freetown now, because I cannot find peace traveling with the feeling of leaving hungry children behind”, he maintained. He called on the YADI officials to help attract more donors so that that the school can survive, amidst the challenges of government support.

According to the Finance coordinator of YADI, Amadu Jan Jalloh, YADI is not financially sufficient, but the burning passion of helping people in need keeps the membership committed to the project. “We managed to put together resources through our membership and few other generous Muslims in order to make this project possible, but we need support”, he submitted.

Over the years, YADI has not broken the tradition of undertaking the annual RCP that supports needy, underprivileged and hard to reach communities. The Field Operations Manager, Osman Alpha Sesay, noted that the RCP has, in previous years, have targeted the Tokeh and York Communities, Ibnul Abass Orphanage Centre, the Connaught hospital and Al-Ridwanullah Quran Memorization Centre in Bo. “We need support to continue this work”, he concluded.

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