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One Deen Sierra Leone Limited has hosted season 3 of the Sierra Leone Muslims Got Talent Show on Eid Day at Miatta Conference,Youyi Building,Freetown.

One Deen SL LTD is a multi-service company which has undertaken many programs such as: the formation of the first Islamic Web which provides authentic Islamic information both nationally and internationally, the One Deen Islamic Conference which creates an opportunity for youth and adults to interact with Islamic scholars, various Social Media Islamic Reminders, national Islamic debate quiz competition, national Islamic Writing Competition and the Sierra Leone Muslims Got Talent Show(SLMGT) which is also a created platform for Muslims to showcase their talents in a halal( lawful) way but not talents that contravene Islam.

Speaking at the Show,the coordinator, Umar Farouk Jalloh said:”Alhamdulilah! the long awaiting SLMGT Season 3 is almost concluding, and I am happy with what I have seen so far.This year’s SLMGT is much more different from the previous shows; attendees can also attest to that.However, there are some challenges of which we are very sorry for those challenges.”He further said that this year’s SLMGT was referred to as bigger, better and unique because the provinces will also be inclusive.

Chairman of the event, Sheku Alhusyn Mansaray, said that:”Sierra Leone Muslims Got Talent Show is organised to uproot Muslims with ‘Halal’ talents and eliminate those that are ‘Haram’.There are going to be 3 winners and five participants for the Grand King/Queen of SLMGT.And, there is also going to be One Deen Production to build a team of talented Muslims.Therefore, let’s come together and support this initiative.

A member of One Map who was one of those manning the gate told SLIWEB News Reporter that to his calculation, One Map was able to score almost 80% in the entire planning especially the entrance to the hall.”However, there were still some other challenges.”

Marian A. Bangura one of the attendees of the show said:” I have been attending all SLMGT programmes from Season 1 to 3 and it’s all been wonderful.However, One Deen needs to make more effort especially on proper budgeting for food.But show was marvelous.”

Chief Judge,Abu Bakarr Fomba Swarray Jnr said:” This competition is being judged on fair grounds;we are professionals in this, and we are being guided by Allah.However,we do make mistakes as humans, but we want to assure our audience that this is going to be successful as my colleague judges are also very credible.”

Meanwhile,Prince of this year’s SLMGT Show, Ibrahim Wusha Conteh expressed his satisfaction:”Actually how I am feeling presently is indescribable.I thank Allah for this favour.This SLMGT seems like the toughest because other participants were also very determined.I want to commend One Deen for this good work.My next step is to prepare well for the Grand SLMGT.”

In conclusion, The C.E.O of One Deen (SL) Ltd, Mohamed Keita states that “The SLMGT Show has throughout the seasons showed it necessity to the Muslim community in Sierra Leone and especially to the youths, however we have seen that the show is still new to some people and some people have mixed feelings, misconceptions and cannot actually Islamically absorb the whole idea of an Islamic talent show in as much we are doing everything within the parameters of Islam including the talents categories themselves, also we know very well that we have more to do in improving the show from all aspects and this season 3 has given us great insight and opportunity to prepare for a much bigger, improved, organised SLMGT in the years to come. I will like to also advice all participants that winning or loosing at the SLMGT is not the end of their talent career but just the start of their career, let nothing distract them from working on their talents and ensuring it’s always for the sake of Allah and directed to mainly create a positive Dawah Impact to the world”.

One Deen (SL) Ltd want to thank all those who witnessed the SLMGT and a marvelous job done by it partners (OneMap and BCC) on Eid Day and promised to do more and have more bigger and beautiful Eid Events as they move on In Shaa Allah.

In the meantime, if anyone who witnessed the SLMGT S3 event and has feedback to give, they can contact the CEO directly at: 078-803-448.

Reported by: Mohamed Simbi Koroma

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