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Reported By: Mohamed Taly Jalloh

Flood victims receive financial assistance
A UK-based international relief and development charity organization, Ummah Welfare Trust has started distributing monies in the form of financial assistance to the April flood victim in wellington, Kanekei, Tombo and other areas on the 11th of September at the Mitta Conference Hall in Freetown.

The project target to reach out to 1500 affected families. The first badge of beneficiaries sum up to 800 and plus. Each family from the first badge received Two Million Leones Le 2,000,000 each.

The organisers refuses to disclose what the others will receive. But According to Hon. Alhaji Musa Tarawallie the main facilitator of this project and similar projects across the country said that the affected victims from Tombo will receive more money because they experience more damage from the floods compared to those from Wellington.
The guest speaker for the program and one of Sierra Leone renowned scholar Sheik Farouk Adam Bah reminded the beneficiaries to Thank Allah and continue to trust him even in trying times. When you face a disaster as a believer, it does not mean Allah hates you, he tries even the prophets and messengers, the learned Sheik said. Take it as a trial and continue to be steadfast in your religion. The Sheik also reminded his silent but joyful audiences about the importance of serving humanity. He call it the best worship from a believer.
The beneficiaries were registered by Ummah Welfare trust themselves, and those records are in their data base. Hon. Musa Tarawallie said there is chance for them to get addition, if they use the monies judiciously. This organization will, by the will of Allah, build a school, a hospital and invest One million Pounds in solar panels in the country.
The next group of beneficiary will receive their financial assistance on Sunday, Insha Allah.



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