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One Deen SL Limited has announced the establishment of an innovative foundation that will open new opportunities for Muslims in Sierra Leone and around the world to be part of One Deen numerous Islamic activities. The One Deen Foundation is an Operating Foundation that is geared towards raising funds to support the projects and programs of One Deen SL Ltd. The CEO of One Deen SL Limited, Mohamed Keita made this public on the 3rd of November, 2019 during the One Deen Islamic Conference at Taleh Hall in Freetown.

According to Mr. Keita, since the establishment of One Deen SL Ltd, 80% of the funds has been derived from personal investments by its founders and sometimes its very difficult. In as much we go all out to earn the blessings for ourselves by spending in the Deen, we will now like to share this goodness to all Muslims to join the foundation and also benefit from the rewards we have been gaining all these years In Shaa Allah.

The Foundation is unique; it has four categories of membership, *Student, Regular, Business and Cooperate Members*, each of these will have to register a certain amount once annually to join the Foundation and also decide how much to pay in a certain period of time based on a certain range of amounts which we will soon announce In Shaa Allah.

As a member you stand to have the following goodies:

First you will gain the reward of Allah for supporting the Deen (base on your intentions as rewards of worship are based on the intentions of the worshiper).

Secondly, you will have so many discounts from all One Deen Events to attend (such as the Sierra Leone Muslims Got Talent Show, National Islamic Debate and Quiz, and many more to come In Shaa Allah).

You will also gain discounts from courses that we will be offering In Shaa Allah.

One Deen SL Ltd is a Multi-Service company, once you are in, you have access to many people out there who you will network with and learn from In Shaa Allah.

One Deen SLtd is hoping that Muslims can be able to unite together and support the cause of Islam selflessly In Shaa Allah.

We shall soon be opening it for interested members to join In Shaa Allah, Members from all over the world can join, for now, any enquiry, you can contact us on: 232-78-803-448, Mr. Keita said.

© One Deen Foundation

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