DAQVAH provides breakfast for the visually impaired.

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By Chernor Muaz Bah

DAQVAH Charity Foundation on 10th November, 2019, donated bags of rice, bundles of water, provided funds and also breakfast for the United Blind Muslim Association, Milton Margai School for the Blind and the Bombali School for the Blind.

Mariam Sedik Kamara, the Executive Director said the Feed The Needy (FTN) Project is implemented quarterly and that the donation marked the eleventh distribution. She added that the FTN project is also implemented to compliment the government’s efforts in combating hunger.

The Project Manager, Yussouf Abass Jalloh said giving relief support to the poor and the needy is one of the Foundation’s main areas of intervention, which FTN Project is pivotal. “FTN 11 targeted to provide food items, funds and breakfast for two blind institutions and one blind Association. A total of 16 bags of rice was shared to the United Blind Muslim Association, Milton Margai School for the Blind and Bombali School for the Blind, and also a total of 3,000,000 Leones was given as food money. Sandwich and drinks was also shared as breakfast to all pupils, teachers and care takers,” he added.

“DAQVAH has really done extremely well this morning by coming to the Milton Margai School For the Blind with these wonderful donations. Rice is what we eat everyday, water is what we drink everyday. The fact that you have brought these items for us means you are thinking about the existence of human beings. Imagine, we are eating one bag of rice per day, so rice and other food items are essential to this institution,” Mr. Salieu Turay, Head Master for the Milton Margai School for the Blind (MMSB) said.

President of the United Muslim Blind Association, Salieu I. Conteh, receiving donations on behalf of the organisation said, they were happy and they really appreciated that the Foundation is still considering the existence of their vulnerable organization. He went further to state that it was not the first time they have been benefiting from the Foundation and that it was a crystal sign that they are part of society. Adding that the Foundation has shown them that they belong to the human race. He concluded by praying for the Foundation and the people that contributed, making the distribution a successful one.

Mr. Alex Sesay, the head teacher of the Bombali School for the Blind who also happens to be a councillor of his ward, said that he was extremely happy and that he would be able to go bed in a smiling state. “DAQVAH is no longer new to us as they have been supportive of this school. We would like to continue to thank them and all of their donors and we pray that we would not be forgotten as our children also have some educational needs such as typewriters and brails. We look forward to your continious support,” he concluded.

Alhamdulillah the distribution ended Successfully.

To be a member or to make donations to this charitable cause contact the details below:
9 Main Bass Street, Brookfields.

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