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By Mohamed Taly Jalloh

Just as previously, One Deen SL Ltd has held its 2nd One Deen Islamic Conference which was themed “Family Life in Islam”. The event took place on 3⃣rd November 2019 at Talleh Hall Calaba Town, Freetown.

The Session was attended by several Muslims and Muslim organizations. The Conference commenced with open Quranic Recitation.

This year’s host of the conference is the Director of Islamic Affairs, One Deen SL LTD, Hillal Amin Turay. After his introduction, Brother Hilal Amin welcomed the Jama’at (attendees) and various speakers. He then gave basic introduction of One Deen SL Ltd and outlined some of the achievements of the company in changing the narrative of Islam in the country.

The three speakers of the occasion were Dr. Ibrahim Salieu Kamara, Chief Imam, Temne Central Mosque. And, arguably the most popular couples within the Sierra Leonean Muslim community, Sheik Hafiz Wurie Barrie and his wife, Khadija Wurie Barrie.

Sis. Khadija Wurie Barrie spoke on the topic “Marriage and its importance” for about half an hour. She reminded the audience that Allah created everything in pair, from plants to animals. She advised Muslim women not to make polygamy tedious for their husbands. According to her, polygamy is an Islamic practice that prevents Muslims from Zinna (Fornication). “Do not see her as your mate but as your sister”, she said. “Marriage is not just about having fun, but it’s also about protecting our Deen”, she concluded.

Sheik Hafiz Wurie Barrie called on couples to inculcate practices that elevate and strengthen their marriage. Practices such as buying gifts for the wife, and the wife also cooking special and delicious meals for the husband. He further said love, care, mutual understanding and respect are things that help unite the family. If the aforementioned are absent, then, it’s highly possible for the marriage die. Therefore couple must always exemplify their marriage.

The third speaker Dr. Ibrahim Salieu Kamara, reminded the audience that making the family happy and united is part of worship, and thus, it must be given special attention. He also admonished young couples about the importance of privacy in marriage and how it brings intimacy. He further said that although there are many Muslims who perform their five daily prayers, however, many of them make life unbearable for their spouses. That according to him might result to people hating Islam. Dr. Ibrahim Sallieu Kamara ended by saying “It is not part of the practice of the Prophet صلاللةعلىةوسلام to maltreat women”. “You don’t need to be a lion to have a good family,” he added.

Sheik Farouk Adam Bah was also there to receive Questions and supply authentic answers. Scholars who were present at the conference suggested that a similar conference should be organised specifically for women. So that they can ask questions about Islam without being ashamed.


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