Top Sierra Leone Islamic events you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Are you a Muslim based in Sierra Leone or Abroad? If yes, here are top Islamic events in SL I’ll recommend you attend to keep up with your Deen. Trust me attending any of these events is a decision you won’t regret.

1 National quranic memorization competition. This is an event organized by the foundation of Islamic information Sierra Leone limited (FOISIL). It’s one of the youngest Islamic foundations founded by young Muslim brothers and sisters in 2013, with the focus to propagate Islamic Faith through memorization of the holy Quran.

The main aim of the quranic competition is to relate to the universe the importance and need for the study of the holy Quran, and to enhance the country’s representation at the Dubai International Quranic Competition.

FOISIL has organized six National Quranic competitions in Sierra Leone, between the year 2014 to 2019, at the Miatta Conference Hall,and Fourah Bay College Amphitheatre.

Also it’s important to note that FOISIL has proudly brought to this country Mufti Ishmeal Menk, who’s a renowned Islamic scholar, at the National Stadium and Ghadafi mosque in September 2017. FOISIL also engages in several charitable activities.

Winners of this quranic competition have been having the opportunity of being taken abroad, Dubai respectively to represent the country, and also been given some amount of money that can at least change their lives.

NIA is an Islamic event organized by Youths in Action for the Development of Islam (YADI) which is an Islamic organization that was founded on the 5th April 2014, and officially launched on the 10th January 2015. YADI started as a WhatsApp group called “Islam Forum” and later transformed into a formidable organization.
YADI’S mission is committed to engage Youth in enhancing the livelihood, education and Empowerment of Muslims, by undertaking activities that leads to National development.
YADI envisions a peaceful religious cohesive country that provides a platform for equal opportunities and leadership, with responsible and God-conscious youths.

The National Islamic Awards event is designed to celebrate Islam and honour Islamic personalities and entities that have sacrificed immensely towards the development of Islam and the nation. NIA is one of the most exciting Islamic events in Sierra Leone, it started in 2017. The event hosts the most influential and impactful Muslims (Scholars, Sheikhs, Imams, Dignitaries, Youths, Leaders, etc) from across the country.
NIA goes with the vision to promote, motivate, acknowledge and celebrate Islamic role models nationwide by recognising their excellence through a quality and innovative awards programme, and also aims to preserve the Islamic cultural heritage. 
The main purpose of NIA is to Recognize and Acknowledge the significant contributions of individuals, organizations and institutions, that are making impact towards national development through Islam.

3 Sierra Leone Muslims Got Talent Show(SLMGT) it’s an Islamic Entertainment show organize by One Deen SL LIMITED which is a Multi-Service company that aims to develop and implement meaningful and impactful ideas for humanity, mainly in the area of Islamic Programs and Projects, technology and Halal Business ventures.
One Deen has been in existence since 2018 and has undertaken several projects and also provide services.

SLMGT is an Islamic Entertainment Show that aims to showcase Muslims all over Sierra Leone on their various God-gifted talents, which includes Nasheed, Adhan, Skits, Poetry, Spoken words, motivational Islamic speaking, educational talents, Science and technology, etc.

The goal and objectives of this event is to join in promoting Islamic Entertainment in Sierra Leone, to support, promote and showcase Muslims on their various talents in Sierra Leone, to organize a Talent entertainment show, to join the positive fight against Haram entertainment by providing an alternative for all Muslims and like-minded and to register and keep track of all talented Muslims in the country for future projects.

So far starting from 2018, three SLMGT shows have been successfully organised.

4 Digital Islam J1 outdoor Islamic entertainment and edutainment show. Digital Islamic is an Islamic company that works on various sectors that comprises Media, Ambassadorial, Entertainment, Edutainment, and International Relation. Digital Islamic organises Islamic entertainment show that includes poetry reading, spoken words, Drama Skits and even features Nasheed Artist to show case the talent they have in the Deen.

The outdoor show happens on January 1st, and is said to rebrand itself every year with a different theme. This year’s theme was United Ummah, and the year to come 2020 January 1st will go with the theme My Deen and I.

It’ll be relevant to also note that D.I also organize Islamic Awards and also produces Islam Magazinest to Honour and recognize people in sierra Leone that are creating impact towards the growth of Islam in the Nation and also to advertise Islamic businesses.

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Compiled by Marian Amaria Bangura, a student at Mass Communication Department Fourah Bay College.

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