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The amazing Islamic talent show in Sierra Leone called the Sierra Leone Muslims Got Talent Show has just concluded its forth season of the event on December 29th 2019.

The talent show is geared towards promoting and showcasing young Muslims with amazing God-Gifted talents like Poetry, Drama and Skits, Spoken Words, Drawing (of Inanimate objects), Anasheed, Motivational Islamic Speaking, Adhan and many other Islamically acceptable stage performances.

The grand finale distinctively demonstrated that young Muslims have amazing talents from all over the country; it is just a matter of showcasing it on a bigger platform like the SLMGT.
The first three winners for this grand finale are

Bro. Jaggie Jabbie from the East (Kenema) took 3rd position.

The Awwalu Islamic Theatre Group from the West (Freetown) took 2nd place.

Sister Mariam M. Sesay who emerges as the winner of SLMGT 2019 received a cash prize of Five Million Leones!

Sister Mariam M. Sesay has participated in the SLMGT event since season two. Even though she couldn’t clinch the past SLMGT winner’s price, she never stop working on herself until she made indisputable legacy last night. Mariam is the first female to take up the 1st position of SLMGT. Her victory yesterday was an admiring inspiration to other young talented Muslim girls. One Deen Sierra Leone Ltd as the parent-body for the event congratulates Mariam for her courage and dedication in the literary world.

However, the CEO of One Deen SL Ltd during his interview expressed his joy for a successful outcome: “Alhamdulillah it was really hectic, risky, tense and challenging, but at the end it was worth it!!” he said.

Moreover, the company is very optimistic to maintaining the status-quo of the Sierra Leone Muslim Got Talent Show “In Shaa Allah”.

Next year, it is believed that SLMGT shall be a separate Organisation with its own dedicated staffs and administration.
This is because the establishment of the event is not only limited in showcasing young talented Muslims on stage but to adroitly empower them in the production of their talents and give enough time and resources to make the programme more better and successful every year “In Shaa Allah”.
The CEO of One Deen SL Ltd, Mr. Mohamed Keita is proud to have an outstanding team that worked unanimously for a productive outcome of the show. Especially the young vibrant Managing Director for SLMGT, Brother Umarr Jalloh as well as Brother Mohamed Habib Bah who have all played very instrumental role.
Next year also, it is expected that the company shall officially introduce it’s very first academy (Muslim Talent Academy) to sustainably train and inspire these young talents all over the country which will be headed by Brother Ahmad Sarah Bah “In Shaa Allah”. The Academy shall also introduce Muslim kids to basic Islamic lessons and more. This is to ensure we have a solid foundation for the next generation of young Muslims with talents.

Finally, the organizers Thanked all the credible judges who were very panache to independently execute their judgement fairly; and also the charismatic and tireless host, MBJ for making the show a thrilling moment for the audience. May Almighty Allah bless all our dearest sponsors, partners (OneMap and BCC) and our vibrant volunteers who contributed immensely in any way to make SLMGT 2019 a reality.

© One Deen (SL) Ltd Communication Team

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