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Sunday, January 19th, 2020.

What is described as a very fine journey has come to end with the expected Home Coming of two Sierra Leone’s revered islamic scholars, Dr. Ramadan Jalloh and Sheikh Farouk Adam Bah.
As intimated at the time the two left Sierra Leone, the purpose of the visit was intended to learn what is obtained in the republic, in terms of Islamic and Quran education and to initiate transfer of such into the Sierra Leone context.

During the course of their stay in The Gambia, the scholars visited educational and religious facilities and were given the humorous reception befitting their status.
At the University of Al-Hikma, in The Gambia, Dr. Ramadan Jalloh thanked and appreciated the staff of the university for their relentless effort in promoting Islam and imparting islamic knowledge to the young. He ended his admonishing by telling his audience about the existence of the Ansarr institution that equally provides islamic education at various levels.

On his part, Sheikh Farouk Adam Bah made a heart touching advise to the staff and those in the responsibility of propagating the deen of Allah. He entreated them to continue to work and promote Islam and education and warned them not to take people’s acknowledgement of their work to be something that will raise ago in them, but rather, it should instill humility and respectability for their subjects. He further annotated that the teaching staff should practice the way the Holy prophet Muhammad SAW dislpayed his teaching pedagogy of instilling islamic etiquettes and dissuading the Learners from practices abhorred by Islam.

Several other speakers made statements including a university staff representative and a final year student of the university.

Both Dr. Ramadan Jalloh and Sheikh Farouk proceeded to a mosque named Al-Huda. At Al-Huda, the eminent immam, Sheikh Sallieu introduced the guests, read out the history of the Al-Huda mission in the country and thanked the guests from the West coast country of Sierra Leone.

Sheikh Farouk and his compatriot made an attempt to return back to their motherland but were unable due to unfavourable weather conditions that deterred the plane from landing at the Freetown International Airport. This caused the plane to directs its landing in Conakry were the plane had to find it difficult to land as well. Later the aircraft made its way to Togo and then in the commercial city of Abidjan in Ivory Coast.
The two have finally and safely arrived in Sierra Leone.

To Allah be the glory.

©Farouk Media Team.

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