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Saturday January 25th,2020.

Mufti Ismail Menk to Sierra Leone for the second time.

It was back in September 2017 that the Foundation of Islamic Information SL Limited (FOISIL) sought the consent of Mufti Menk to do Public Lectures at the National Stadium and at the Freetown Central Mosque (Gadafi mosque). Both sessions thrived on Well with a greater number of Sierra Leone’s populace craving for Mufti to come to the country some other time. The desire of the people was heard and there was a promise that Mufti will one day be in Sierra Leone.

At the launching ceremony today, two events were Officially pronounced to take place in this country. The second coming to Sierra Leone of Mufti Ishmael Menk and the staging of the 7th National Quranic Memorization Competition (NQMC). On behalf of the foundation, the Director, Abdul Lathief Kargbo postulated that Mufti Menk will be in Sierra Leone on March 5th and will do a Public Lecture at the National Stadium on March 6th 2020 at 3:30 PM. The Director further stated that Mufti Menk will be in Sierra Leone with a great probability of coming alongside with a globally renounced munsheed, Zain Bhikha and his team. This means that this time, attendants to the Public Lecture will have to witness a mixture of the touching lectures of Mufti Menk and the unavoidable succulent entertainment of Zain Bhikha at the National Stadium.

In addition, May 3rd,2020 is announced to be the date set aside for the 7th National Quranic Memorization Competition at the same venue (National Stadium), at this occasion, winner of the Competition for the Full Qur’an category is expected to represent Sierra Leone at the Dubai International Quranic Memorization Competition.

Muslims across Sierra Leone and beyond are requested to attend the two programmes to form part of what will be historic events in the history of the West coast country of Sierra Leone.

Mufti Menk giving assurance of his second coming to all Sierra Leoneans In Shaa Allah.

FOISIL-Spread the word.

FOISIL- Media Team.

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