India Offered Me Safe Return In Exchange of My Support to Article 370, Says Dr. Zakir Naik.

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The Islamic Scholar, Zakir Naik, stated that the Bharatiya Janata Party government offered him a safe passage to India and removing the money laundering charges from him on his support towards revoking Constitution’s Article 370.

The Islamic Scholar stated on Saturday that a representative of the Indian Government approached him in September and offered him the mentioned deal to which he denied. They had held a private meeting under the order of PM of India, Narendra Modi, and Home Minister of India, Amit Shah, in a Malaysian city, Putrajaya in the fourth week of September.

As stated by him, the meeting lasted for several hours. They wanted his support in the article 370 for Kashmir to which he flatly refused. He further added that after refusal, he was requested to not to create public statements against Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the BJP. He shared his statement in a video uploaded by his PR team from Mumbai.

The claim of the Scholar appeared approximately a month after Mohammad Nasheed, the Speaker of Maldivian Parliament, within his visit to India stated that Zakir Naik wished to come in the Maldives for which we denied him.

The Islamic Scholar further added that the Muslim leaders of India who made the statements supporting the National Registrar of Citizens or the Citizenship Amendment Act must have been forced pressurized and blackmailed to do so.

Zakir Naik’s statement appeared publicly as a response to academic Shaikh Yasir Qadi’s posts at Social Media sites forming similar claims.

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