Sheikh Sudais Tells Stealing from Two Holy Mosque is The World’s Biggest Corruption.

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Sheikh Dr Abdul bin Abdulaziz Al-Sudais, who is the General President concerning the Affairs of the Prophet (PBUH)’ s Mosque and the Grand Mosque validated that the exposure of these Two Holy Mosques by assault or theft is a kind of corruption done on the globe and banditry (Al-Hearaba).

He focused on the sentence that the person who attempts to interfere with the security of the Two Holy Places will end up with severe actions on performing the try and his efforts would form him a total failure, in accordance with Allah’s will and by His power, and afterward by the observation of the committed security army of Saudi Arabia.

He further added that these Two Holy Mosque possess religiously high value to us therefore, anyone trying to harm these places through any method would gin the consequences as Allah SWT have guaranteed their security.

Dr. Al-Sudais also said that this nation will always protect the Two Holy Mosques and other relevant Islamic monuments by managing and reconstructing them and by creating demonstrations for them.


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