Medical Emergency Appeal: An active Muslim Brother needs your help!

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It Could Have Been You!!!

Emergency Fundraising for Brother Wurie Barrie, Founder of Youths in Action for the Development of Islam, Sierra Leone (YADI)

It’s no longer a secret that one of our most active and selfless brothers, who has been making tremendous efforts in spreading Islam, the founder and Executive Director of YADI, brother Wurie Barrie, is critically ill and suffering from a severe back pain that prevents him to sit, stand or walk. He was admitted on February 14 and since then the situation is still the same if not getting worse.

Scan results read by Dr. Bundu in Freetown today has proven that he needs an urgent operation to enable him stand, sit and walk again. According to the doctor, without this operation done urgently, our brother stands to lose his ability to sit, stand or walk 😭. Imagine this happening to an active and vibrant Muslim brother who is serving different Islamic organizations in different capacities just for the propagation of Islam.

Our brother needs us now to help save him from this situation by praying for him and also making a donation so as to raise the sum of $15,000 to support him go through the operation successfully abroad.

Remember! This could happen to anyone. It could have been you!

Kindly call or contact us where to send your donations to: Whatsapp:+232-78-803-448/+232-31-222-844/

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