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Launching on 8th of March 2020 at the Miatta Conference hall.

It’s been years, the Islamic community in Sierra Leone has been clamouring for a platform where Islamic lecturers, Quranic Recitations, Nasheeds, Islamic news_ both nationally and internationally, can be easily accessed. It is inline with the aforementioned that Sierra Leone Islamic Web, an organisation focusing in providing authentic and easy access to Islamic information in Sierra Leone  has decided to fill that gap whereby creating an opportunity for Islam to be taught, practised and propagated through technology. Therefore, Sierra Leone Islamic Web Organization is about to officially launch the first Islamic Mobile App and Online TV on 8th March 2020 at Miatta Conference Hall, 12pm.

The app will contain Live TV, News, Quranic Recitation, Islamic lectures, Nasheeds, Ask the scholar, education, Islamic Events, Prayer Time, Sierra Islam Info and many more! There will be free installation of the app after it has been launched. And, SLIWEB Online TV will contain: National and International Islamic News, Islamic Calendar Highlights and Islamic Events, A to Z of Marriage, Leh wi look we community again, Muslims with Talent, Faith and Fiqh Foundation Programmes, Muslims Kids Programme, Ask SLIWEB and Halal Advertisement.

Conclusively, we urge everyone to be part of this historic event. Sierra Leone Islamic Web  Organization will continue to disseminate authentic Islamic information in Sierra Leone and beyond.

In Shaa Allah.

Mohamed Simbi Koroma
News Editor.

©️ Sierra Leone Islamic Web.

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