The Supreme Islamic Council of the Republic of Sierra Leone, would like to draw the kind atention of its members and the general public that the deadly Corona Virus or (COVID-19) which was first reported in Wuhan, China has now spread in so many countries, including the newly-reported cases in Nigeria and Senegal in the West African Sub-region.

The council wishes also to inform its members and the general public of the fast, dangerous and
unpredictable nature of the spread of this deadly contagious airborne virus, which poses real threat to
nathional health, welfare and security of the country.

The council is therefore calling on all its members and the general public, especially religious leaders
and Imams to sensitize their Jamat and congregation on the importance of maintaining proper
personal hygiene and clean environment at all time.

As a way forward, the council is hereby urging all Imams and religious scholars throughout the
country to dedicate the weekly sermon “Khutuba” of Friday “Jummah” prayers to make “Duaa to the Almighty Allah, to protect and guard our country from this deadly epidemic.

The council is also calling on the govermment to continue its proactive preventative measures and heighten its preparedness for any unwanted eventualities.

May Allah bless and protect our country.

Alhaji Mohamed Taha Jalloh
National President
The Supreme Islamic Council of the Republic of Sierra Leone.


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