Daqvah Charity Foundation provides food for the needy in response to the COVID-19 3 days lockdown in Sierra Leone.

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Providing relief aid to the needy and the less privileged is one of DAQVAH Charity Foundation’s primary areas of intervention. Feeding the Needy is an activity that falls under this area of intervention. On Saturday 4th of April, a day before the three days lock down that was declared by the Government of Sierra Leone in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, the Foundation undertook an emergency feeding project, which provided more than one hundred and twenty (120) families each with twenty (20) cups of rice, thirty thousand Leones (Le 30.000) and a bundle of water.

According to the CEO, Alhaji Abdul Rahman Jalloh, the emergency aid came since it is proven that beggars and many vulnerable people only earn on a daily basis for their survival, so a lock down for three days will affect them negatively in surviving as it will be difficult for them to get food.
He further stated that the project targeted beggars at the Central Business District (Cotton Tree & Kissy Road), a Tafiz Center at Mambu, Members of the United Muslim Blind Association and families.

“Am a single mother and lost my husband long time ago. Taking care of all my children and grand children, has been difficult. I cannot even support any of my children to further their studies and feeding myself and the children have been difficult even when it’s not a lock down period. So I’ve been wondering how we will survive during this upcoming lock down, but with the rice and money we have recieved today from DAQVAH, it will help aid us a lot for our survival,” Marie Koroma one of the beneficiaries stated.

Ibrahim Conteh a teacher at the Mambu Tahfiz centre for the memorisation of the Holy Quran said, the center was not actually expecting the donation from the Foundation they were only depending on Allah, but with the donation received it would aid their center in providing for the orphans residing permanently at the center and who solely depends on the center for their survival.

Alhamdulillah the distribution ended successfully.

To be a member or to make donations to this charitable cause, contact the details below:
DAQVAH Head Office
9 Main Bass Street, Brookfield


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