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Sunday June 21, 2020. Was slated by the largest online media organization in Sierra Leone named the Sierra Leone Islamic Web for the presentation of a Certificate of appreciation and congratulations to the Farouk Dawah Movement (FDM) and the Farouk Media Team (FMT) for their prudent efforts in the work of dawah.

Speaking on behalf of the Sierra Leone Islamic Web, brother Mohamed Keita who happens to be the founder and Chief Executive Officer of One Deen SL Ltd who are the owners SLIEEB expressed congratulatory message to Sheikh Umar Farouk Adam Bah and his media team for their relentless work in propagating the deen of Allah. He annotated that Sheikh Farouk’s Web page created on their website has attracted over two thousands of visitors from all over the world in 2020.

On his part, Sheikh Farouk equally thanked and appreciated SLIWEB for acknowledging the efforts of the dawah movement and the media team. He related that the work of dawah has been the work of our dearly beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Sahabas (companions). And that such effort is needed to be continued by the current Islamic scholars.

The effort of the movement is not only appreciated by SLIWEB, but also persons across the globe. This is often manifested by the numerous reactions people say about the FDM.

It’s important to recall that the Farouk Dawah Movement started as a social media platform where men and women where having the opportunity to ask questions regarding Islam. This has today led to what is now today known as the Farouk Dawah Movement.

The occasion was climaxed with the unveiling of aprons by Sheik Umar Farouk Adam Bah for the use of the media team.

Many thanks and appreciations to UMMAH WELFARE TRUST for their undying support to the Farouk Dawah Movement and many thanks to the provider of the aprons to the Farouk Media Team.

© Ahmad Kamara-National Coordinator
(Farouk Dawah Movement).

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