Saudi to provide Prepackaged Food prepackage pebbles for pilgrims as Ministry of Hajj unveil Hajj 2020 protocols.

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1. Entry into Holy Sites without permits will be forbidden from 28 Dhul Qadah till 12 Dhul Hijjah

2. People with symptoms (Suspected cases) will be put in seperate groups with separate residential buildings

3. Workers or Volunteers with any symptoms will not be allowed to work

4. Mandatory on every pilgrim and worker to wear masks

5. Physical distancing of 1.5 meters between everyone to be implemented

6. Sharing of personal tools or equipment not to be allowed

7. Congregation prayers to be allowed with wearing of Masks and physical distancing

8. Pilgrims will not be able to touch the Kabah or blackstone

9. Physical distancing during Tawaaf to be implemented

10. Prepackaged pebbles for stoning to be provided

11. Food provided in Arafat and Muzdalifa provided will be prepackaged

Source: Haramain Sharafain

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