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“I begged them to kill me”, says this Muslim woman from China.

Get to know why millions of Muslim lives are at stake in China. A Uighur Muslim woman and mother of three said she was tortured and abused at an internment camp where the Chinese government is detaining hundreds of thousands of people from religious minorities. She also told Congressional […]


Patriotic Advocacy Network (PAN)-SL Donates food stuffs to the Bombali School for the Blind.

About three to four weeks ago we were called by sister Khadijatu Sow that is very well knowledgeable on the activities of the Patriotic Advocacy Network, Sierra Leone and what we stand for; without hesitant we answered and acted promptly. This call humbly pleaded that we salvage the […]

Muslim Students Around the UK Unite to Raise £1 Million During Charity Week.

by IlmFeedNovember 30, 2018, 5:43 pm Muslim students from around the UK set a new record by raising over £1 million during Charity Week (where student Islamic societies raise funds for Islamic Relief). The total was announced at the Charity Week International Annual Dinner that took place in the […]

Breaking: Professor Tariq Ramadan released on bail.

According to the Free Tariq Ramadan Campaign, a court hearing took place today in front of the Appeal judge in France, which has decided to free Professor Tariq Ramadan on bail. His daughter, Maryam Ramadan tweeted: “My father’s demand for release has been accepted !!! Hamdula!!#FreeTariqRamadan” [1] In a statement Prof Tariq […]

Erdoğan urges Muslims to defend justice for Palestine.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed the Istanbul meeting of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC) on Wednesday. “As long as Muslims and people defend justice and freedom, Palestine will continue to exist,” Erdoğan told the meeting. Erdoğan said Turkey […]

Scholars condemn China for mass detention of Muslim Uighurs.

Countries must hit China with sanctions over the mass detention of ethnic Uighurs, hundreds of scholars said on Monday, warning that a failure to act would signal acceptance of “psychological torture of innocent civilians.” Beijing has in recent months faced an outcry from activists, academics and foreign governments […]

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