1. What is the name of this project?

ans: Sierra Leone Islamic Web

2. Explain about this project.

ans: The Sierra Leone Islamic web is a creative initiative that is geared towards bringing Islamic development in Sierra Leone through the positive use of technology to help spread valuable information and knowledge about Islam through the scholars and the Islamic communities in Sierra
Leone and beyond.

3. What are your goals/objectives?

ans: We are quite sure by the Grace of Allah that with the strategy put in place and the support we get from sponsors; physically, mentally and more importantly financially, our goals and objectives will help the people of Sierra Leone and beyond, our goals and objectives are:
1. To provide Muslims in Sierra Leone and beyond a reliable source to get
information about Islam and Muslims in Sierra Leone in particular.
2. To promote our national sheikhs and scholars by displaying their profile
information and works, including audios, videos and texts through
transcribing them.
3. To also raise awareness and provide recommendations to good and authentic
sources of information, links, WhatsApp groups, YouTube channels and more.
4. To also provide both national and international news pertaining to Islam to
the public.
5. To provide an online shopping center for easy access of Islamic products to
Muslims all over the country where they can easily order a product online
and we easily deliver to them from the seller, and also advertise halal
businesses for Muslims living in Sierra Leone.
6. To provide a space for Islamic scholars/doctors to interact with people
through question and answer sessions.
7. To also provide easy search locations for Masjids, Islamic Schools, Islamic
centers and more on the web so that people can now where a nearby
mosque is or which Islamic school they can send their children to.

4.Who are the people behind this project?

ans: This project is being developed and operated by One Deen (SL) Ltd; a Multi-Service company focusing in developing creative and impactful ideas for humanity.

5. Should we rely on this website for authentic information?

ans: Yes absolutely, one of the main motivation behind this project is to provide authentic Islamic information to the people of sierra leone and beyond. We research,verify, process and analyse with the scholars all of our works and web contents before publishing them on this website and ensures it follows and does not go against the Quran and Sunnah.

6. Can anyone volunteer to this project?

ans: Yes absolutely, we will be happy to have volunteers on board to work and share ideas together, you can use this link to join or contact: +232-78-803-448.

7. Are you paid by any organization, Islamic body or government to carry out this project?

ans: Not at all. 80% of our budget are been footed by us with little or no external support for now.

9. How long will this project last or stay for?

ans: We hope and pray that this project will last and stay till the end of time if it is still serving mankind in the interest of Islam. Our only fear however is for it to be discontinued due to the lack of funding and so we call on all Muslims and the whole Muslim ummah to assist us in making sure this project is sustainable.

10. How can someone donate?

ans: You can donate by contacting us at:

Mobile: +232-78-803-448 or +232-77-738-690

Email: sliwebsl@gmail.com

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