Majlis/Ta’fiz Centers

Majlis/Ta'fiz Centers

Different learning centers all over freetown for you to attend!
NoCommunity/Town DistrictMajlis/Ta’afiz NameMajlis/Ta’afiz AddressFounderFoundedCurrent TeacherMajlis/Ta’afiz TypeMajlis/Ta’afiz BorderMajlis/Ta’afiz Syllabus TypeGenders AcceptedMajlis/Ta’afiz ContactSubjects taughtFeesRequirementsItems to buyUpdateAdd
1Brook StreetWestern UrbanIslamic Dawah Foundation35 Brook Street, FreetownAlhaji Idriss G. Kargbo2015Sheik Abubakar ContehPrimaryNoIslamicBoth male and female+232-25300172/+232-76561924Qur’an, Hadiths, Sirat and Ta-reekle10,000 per monthNo RequirementUniformUpdate this centerAdd new center
2Edward StreetWestern UrbanMajlis Khubah7 Edward StreetAlhaji Gibril Dumbuya2016Alhaji Gibril DumbuyaPrimaryNoIslamicBoth male and female+232-76880561QuranNo CostNo RequirementUpdate this centerAdd new center
3Robert StreetWestern UrbanLight of Islam62 Robert Street, FreetownAlhaji Gibril Dumbuya1974Imam Musa Ibrahim YillahPrimaryNoIslamicBoth male and female+232-76919400,+232-30/+232-76535305Qur’anNo CostNo RequirementUpdate this centerAdd new center
4Thompson BayWestern UrbanDawah Islamic School24g off Carlton Carew, off Wilkinson road, Thompson BayAlimamy Abubakar Sesay2016-2017Imam Musa Ibrahim YillahPrimaryNoIslamicBoth male and female+232-88314703/+232-79-172678Quran and HadithNo CostNo RequirementUpdate this centerAdd new center
5Cole FarmWestern UrbanMajlis Atayiba11 pipe line cole farm off Wilkinson road, FreetownChief Alhaji Sheku Daboh2002Alhaji sheikh Ibrahim SesayPrimaryNoIslamicBoth male and female+232-88314703/+232-79-172678Quran and Hadith(Sunnah)15,000Only to be MuslimQuranUpdate this centerAdd new center
6Murray TownWestern UrbanDarul Fajr Lethafizil Quranil Karim26 Milton street, Murray townSheikh Alie Bah2014Sheikh Alie BahPrimaryNoIslamicBoth male and female+232-79742034Quranle10,000 monthlyRegistration is le10,000Update this centerAdd new center
7Murray TownWestern UrbanDarul Quran and HadithMurray town barracksAlhaji Harun Turay2002Shiekh Ismail S MansasryPrimaryNoIslamicBoth male and female+232-88026357Quran and Hadithle20,000 monthlyRegistration is le10,000For the elderly “Quran”, for the young ones “Tablet” (Wala)Update this centerAdd new center
8Murray TownWestern UrbanThe board of Imams and members of the Jammat39 Wilkinson road, white poleMr. Moamed T Bangura2016Shiekh Ismail S MansasryPrimaryNoIslamic and SecularBoth male and female+232-77-217-181/+232-78-569-900Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Tajweedle15,000 monthlyBooks,Pens, Pencils and Arabic beginners textUpdate this centerAdd new center
9LumleyWestern UrbanAr-Ridwan learning center11b goderich centerMasjid Administration2016Mamadu Jan JallohNoIslamicBoth male and female078161525/088189944Quran, hadith, Seera, reading and writing, Islamic historyle15,000 monthlyRegistration is le10,000. Also appear as a MuslimNurul Bayan and Juz Ammah QuranUpdate this center
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