1. Ma shaa Allah, what a wonderful day in Freetown where an Islamic scholar get such a population. This is the real beauty of Islam. May we all gain from the lectures we had from him.

  2. It’s a very emotional moment for the people of Sierra Leone both our Christian brothers and sisters they too play a great role to commence the occasion . May Allah reward then all. That is to show our religious tolarance our peacefull nation is..If we are abe to stag such mufti in this peacful country is with the help of none Muslim as well….Allah reward we all. .

  3. Ma Sha Allah. May Allah continue to bless him, the people of Sierra Leone and all the Muslims around the globe. It was a great example to the world interms of religious tolerance as some of the Christians attended the event with an open mind.

  4. Ma Sha Allah. Its a wonderful and great event as well as food for thought and moment of relection for Sierra Leoneans whatever faith one practices. Islam been the most renowned and widely spread religion its about time for people of that nation to turn wholeheartedly into worshipping ALLAH alone with no associate and make THAWBA for Allah Azawajaal to forgive their sins and pray for our beloved nation that Allah may avert fitnas from befalling our country. May Allah Azawajaal give the Leaders of Sierra Leone Idayaat and God Fearing attitude to rule the nation and lead the people into peace and tranquility AMEEN.

  5. Allahu_Akbar
    Masha Allah
    What a great pleasure for more than 50,000 of Sierraleoneans witness the lectures of our guest the grand Mufti Menk
    Masha Allah
    Barakallah feekum

  6. Wulahe, it’s really pathetic for us but this is to show that Islam is growing as we are seeing most of the bigots or haters of Islam in the world are accepting it at the end of the day.
    We should just be calm and make duwaa for him to accept Islam.

    1. I advice that the public should petition the parliament to deport Ajisafe to give room to peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance OR invite a religious conflict, if he is allow to stay this will continue under cover this is the same hate message these Nigerian pastors have been propagating in Liberia and instigating the churches to arose against the Muslims to form a Christian state which may cause another blood share again. So do not allow a mere alien to destroy your peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance that you have always taken pride in.
      I thank you.

  7. Honestly, this is a clear indication that Islam has grown so much that it has gained popularity through the message of peace that the Quran preaches, which has become known.

    Pastor Ajisafe is one of those who have been fooling the world that Islam was spread by sword and therefore bringing the fact about Islam to the nations and letting people to understand the truth, is definitely a bitter experience for him.

    Sierra Leone is a peaceful country where Muslims and Christians share things in common, hold no grudges against each other because of the different faith, and lives as brothers and sisters even irrespective from which part of the country they came from.

    Pastor Ajisafe could be one of those facilitated the unstable religious situationin in Nigeria, and must have been prepared with some demonic spiritual power to divert the peace of Sierra Leone in to blood shed so that the demons behind him can feed on our people flesh.

    By the almighty Allah, Pastor Ajisafe has failed because this will never happened. The people of Sierra Leone be it From the Muslim or Christian faith love each other and therefore he will never achieved the objective of his mission in this country.

  8. This is a very good step to brightening the perception about Islam in none muslim thought. I believe this will take Islam in Sierra Leone to another level Insha Allah. Want to express my sincere appreciation to brothers and sisters for their relentless effort in propagating peace and harmony amonst the youth,elders,and none muslim nation wide. May Allah bless you all and direct you all on the straight path and also bless me too Aameen.

  9. Masha Allah……. Brothers and Sisters of DAQVAH let me tell all some thing. You guys are amazing matter of fact you are on track your effort will never go in vain insha Allah. these were the effort of the illustrious companion (SAHABAS) of our beloved RASUL (S.A.W.) may Allah peace and blessing be upon them all.. I wish to be part of you guys one day insha Allah.. keep the good work Allah reward you all..Aameen.

  10. Maa shaa Allah. May Allah bless you all who have done such a tremendous amount of work and effort for the betterment of the ummah. Jazaakumullaahu khayran fil dunya wal akhira ameen.

  11. ماشاء الله May Allah reward you guys abundantly for your good work , this is something really important you guys are doing inoder to put our muslims brothers and sisters on the right track may Allah bless you all. .. Ameeen

  12. On behalf of the Allen Town Muslims Association Youth Wing, This shows shows a true manifestation that we as African Muslims are still partaking in idol Worshiping which shows a symbol of the same thing that the previous people during the time of Ibrahim (A.S) were totally and entirely practicing. And later tried very hard to burn him on a wild fire but Allah did not Allowed them. We should now serve as watch Dogs to secure our noblel”National and International Scholars.

    1. Perfectly Said. We should be ready to defend our scholars coz they are priceless in our communities.

  13. As Salaamu Aliakum I’m trying to understand why are the Masjids closed during this time of need. This country have no cases of coronavirus as of yet and the muslims can’t have prayer.

    Nothing else is closed, the clubs, bars & restaurants are still open. The place that’s the most risk is the market place.

    In order to protect the people of Salone closing the borders is what’s best.

    I’m not understanding the thought process of the person who decided to do this. I thought the Islamic counsel were followers of the Qur’an and Sunnah.

    The UK is under shutdown because their coronavirus number are growing but they’re not closing their masjids. As a Muslim in this country I’m disappointed in this Islamic counsel.

    You’re turning your back on Allah by closing the masjids and oppressing the believers by trying to take away their blessing to perform the mandatory rights of Islam. How can you expect Allah to continue to bless you when you are imitating the kufr.

    The Chinese government was oppressing the Muslims closing the masjid & terrorizing the Muslim population. Allah answered the cries of the righteous and sent the coronavirus. After that the government reopened the masjids closed their borders and now they have a treatment that tends to be working.

  14. Alhamdulillah for this app I’m now getting vital Islamic information here. May Allah reward you All for such idea .
    But can’t see the salat calendar for Makeni.

  15. Alhamdulillah for such a move by President Erdogan. Once a house of Allah should always be the house of Allah and not musseum.
    My request to Sierra Leone Islamic web is to include graphics to all your publications.
    May Allah reward you in abundance for good work and efforts.

  16. May Allah forgive and direct the Saudis in the straight path. Please follow the Quran and the Sunnah of the the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon him

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