Who we are

Brief Background:

The Sierra Leone Islamic Web is an Islamic Web-Project that was developed and launched on September 17 2017 at the Miatta Conference hall by One Deen (SL) Ltd of which it is registered under.

This project is geared towards providing authentic Islamic Information in Sierra Leone and beyond, and is comprised of a website, an app, an online TV, Online Shopping and unique Islamic social media reminders.

For over a period of time now, as Muslims living in Sierra Leone, we were yet to have an official Islamic online platform that people can rely on and use to access different Islamic contents in Sierra Leone and abroad.

This was an issue as some Muslims especially weak ones might unfortunately access websites that will give them wrong information about Islam and wrong ideologies as there are so many fake websites using Islamic names as well as anti-Islamic websites whose aim or agenda is to “destroy” the image of Islam.

Another issue is the lack of accessibility in getting authentic Islamic information and content in Sierra Leone and especially in the Provinces.

Initially you can only access lectures when you are present during the lectures but not after, or much more difficult to access or even aware about.

So the Sierra Leone Islamic Web serves as a central hub for providing authentic Islamic information as well as conducting different data collections and research to provide rare Islamic content that were difficult to access in Sierra Leone and beyond.

Since our establishment in September 2017, we have received over 15,000 visitors who made a total view of over 30,000 from different parts of the world including mainly (Sierra Leone, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana, Germany, European Union, Saudi Arabia, Spain, India and Canada).


Our goal is to:

1. Raise awareness about the beauty and so much blessings of Islam and providing recommendations for Muslims online.

2. Promoting the works of our National Scholars as well as International.

3. Providing authentic Islamic news both nationally and internationally.

4. Serve as a counter measure strategy in fighting against terrorism and extremism by promoting authentic and positive Islamic content online and offline.

5.  Creating unique and impactful spiritual Islamic reminders targeting the Social Media.

6. Serve as a reliable source to get authentic Islamic Information.

7. Also make it easier for people to know Islam and help people to search and find various Islamic institutions in Sierra Leone.