Who we are

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful. All praise is due to Allah and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be upon Him).

Sierra Leone Islamic Web is an Islamic project developed by One Deen Technologies (an Islamic I.T company based in Sierra Leone located at No.74c Regent road lumley, Freetown.)

Mission Statement:

One Deen Technologies is an Islamic I.T company whose main purpose of establishment is to mainly cater for Muslims by providing different technological services to Muslim individuals, Islamic organizations, Muslim businesses and the rest of humanity .


Our goal is to provide different I.T services and make technology readily available to the Muslim communities as well as humanity in Sierra Leone and in other countries where the rate of I.T illiteracy is high or where Muslims can’t access or use technology due to it complexity or high cost related for the development of Islam and Muslims.


Aim: Our aim is to be the number one spot that is properly equipped to foster and cater for Muslim needs and services as well as humanity in all that is related to technology in Sierra Leone.


To see a world where Muslims can be able to use technology to benefit themselves as well as using it to serve Islam and the whole of humanity positively.

Core Values:

1.Quran and Sunnah


3.Motivated team spirit and team work

4.Highly focused and innovative

5.Flexible and adaptable to positive change

6.Disciplined and respect for all

7.Professional and accountable

8.Quality service and product delivery

9.Persistent, committed and passionate


1. To develop and provide tech initiatives/solutions for the Muslim community and humanity.

2.To establish a training and knowledge sharing institution where Muslims can learn and share their ideas in improving the society and the world they leave in through technology.

3.Providing opportunities for halal trading and ethical investment options.

4.To provide technical and logistical services to Muslim individuals and Organizations, Masjids, etc to smoothly and effectively carry on their day to day operations and improve in what they do through technology.

5.Benefiting the Ummah (Muslim consumers) and humanity in entrepreneurship ventures and also in specialized goods and services.

6.To also support and promote other Islamic institutes, businesses and appeals online.


One Deen Technologies will be a growth industry that will always streamline itself to the global technological growth to better serve and improve it services to both Muslims and humanity.
It will embark on continuous learning, researching, collaborating and discovering of new ideas to bring to the communities and the world and effective means to solve their needs.

One Deen Technologies will be one of it kind in Sierra Leone, it’s a tech company that is not highly driven to make lots of profit but a company based on humanitarianity that will help improve the lives of Muslims and humanity by providing the best tech services at a very cheaper cost.
This is particularly intended so as to include everyone in the development growth of the Muslim communities in Sierra Leone and beyond.

As our aim is to be the No.1 spot for providing I.T services to mainly Muslims in Sierra Leone, we cover almost all day-today I.T services that people, organizations, business men, etc use which includes:


2.Database development

3.Data Management

4.Web Development

5.Web Administrating and monitoring

6.Online Data Back-up storage facility

7.Build android or Iphone App for your organization, business, etc

8.Research, Surveys, Data collection, questionnaire tools

9.Multimedia development

10. Online Advertisement

11. Online Shopping business partnership

For more information, please visit: www.onedeentech.com

or Email: info@onedeentech.com

Contact: +232-78-803-448/+232-77-078-255