Zain Bikha

About Zain Bikha
Zain Bhikha is an experienced islamic song (nasheed) writer, editor and singer. Zain Bhikha was born on the 9th August, 1974 (age 45 years) in Pretoria, South Africa to Rashid Bhikha (Dad) and Mariam Bhikha (Mom). Zain himself is a father to four sons, who are his pride and joy. The eldest, Rashid Bhikha has been singing alongside his father from an early age and thus the duo has always had a close bond.
The international munsheed (nasheed artist) is well known for songs like "Allah Knows", "Mountains of Mecca", "Zamilooni", "I Remember Your Smile", to name but few. His voice has been often compared to the late pop icon's, Michael Jackson, especially for one of his most popular songs titled "Give Thanks to Allah".
Zain Bhikha is considered one of the longest serving munsheeds who has been active in dawah through Nasheed for about 30 years now. In this journey, he has released over a dozen of albums including: "The Beginning", "Hope", "Faith", "Our World", "Mountains of Mecca", "Allah Knows", etc and has collaborated with numerous other artists, including his inspirer, Yusuf Islam and his closes buddy, Dawud Wharnsby Ali.
Zain Bhikha is engaged in multiple charity activities and has often donated incomes from his shows into supporting the needy on various projects. Bhikha sometimes performs with a drummer and several backup vocalists who were the African singers in the Disney cartoon movie "The Lion King".
In 1994, Zain Bhikha's childhood friend,  Mubeen was shot. The death of Mubeen was the defining moment in the life of a man who is now an Islamic celebrity accross the world. After Mubeen’s shooting, Zain was pushed to his emotional limits that made him question himself. Consequently, he wrote the popular song entilted “I Remember Your Smile” as a tribute to his friend.
Soon after the tragic event, there was a competition held at a local radio station. That day, Zain poured his heart and soul out into his home karaoke machine and won the competition. He has been singing ever since.
Zain Bhikha's first cassette was called, ‘A Way of Life’ of which he made 500 copies and handed out to his friends and family. In 1999 Yusuf Islam invited Zain to London to record the album ‘A is for Allah’. During his stay Zain met his now friend and close companion, Canadian artist Dawud Wharnsby.
Zain attributes his success to the support of his family. His father, Professor Rashid Bhikha, grew up in a working class family where his mother had struggled to put him through college. She worked with a cancer association and has great compassion. "I’m her only son, so she spoils me a lot, but my harshest critic as well", disclosed Zain Bhikha.
Zain has great concerns for youths within his community and abroad. He understands the many dangers that children may be exposed to, and provides an alternative through creative workshops. Titled “The Art of Creative Expression”, these one-day workshops are aimed at inspiring youth to utilise their creative talents to benefit themselves and their communities. Zain aims to take these workshops to many countries throughout the world.
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